Video of Verizon Call Center worker, Jennifer Womack confronting Verizon's CEO about their rights to organize.
How much did you pay in Federal Taxes? Click the link below to see which companies paid ZERO in federal taxes!!
It is a known fact AT&T received billions in tax breaks with the promise of creating 7,000 new jobs in the USA. Instead, AT&T has laid off over 10,000 employees. They are not the only Company guilty of this. On April 25th, everyone needs to call and tell Congress to investigate where all of this money went.
This is a very important matter that affects us all. I did it, and took less than a minute to do...Everyone should participate in this.
Attached are the March 2019 Job Ad and the Selection Activity Reports

This is a issue that everyone of us should be concerned with. AT&T was a big advocate for the Tax Breaks offered by President Trump. Randall promised to create 7,000 more jobs here in America, but have laid off over 12,000 people. We want to know why they broke their promise, after a $21B tax break!! 

Puerto Rico is still fighting for a fair contract. Our brothers and sisters, worked tirelessly to help rebuild AT&T after the hurricane, yet AT&T refuses to give when it comes to bargaining.