Below are the attached Job Ad and Selection Activity Reports for your review.

The April meeting will be moved to April 9th, due to the Legislative Roadkill cookout in Montgomery. Please let your supervisors know. 

Town Hall meeting scheduled 4/4 at 6:05 to introduce sub-committee members for bargaining, provide bargaining prep and mobilizing updates, and . Agenda details listed.

Below are the January 2019 Selection Activity Report and the Job Ad Report

Mobilizing efforts for the 2019 Core Bargaining have already kicked off!!

Below is a list of the current activities that everyone should start immediately. Please make sure you all are spreading the word!!

1.) Monday - Blue Shirts

2.) Wednesday - White Shirts

3.) Thursday - Orange/Red shirts

4.) Red shirts on the passenger seat of your company vehicle and/or office chair

5.) Stopping the gas pump at $20.19, preferably at the same gas station.

Attached are the December 2018 Selection Activity report, and the Job Ad report