Attached is the July 2018 Selection Activity Report and the Job Ad Report


Due to the Labor Day holiday, the September meeting has been moved to 9/11/208. 

I've attached a copy of the bylaw changes that were covered during last nights meeting. The only other changes that were made are listed below:

Pg 5, D1- Changed the bylaws description from, "The By-laws committee is responsible for recommending and researching any changes in the Local's by-laws" to read, "The By- Laws Committee is responsible for researching any changes made by the Eboard to the Local’s By-Laws, for recommendation of approval to the membership."

Pg 5, D4 - Changed Legislative and COPE Committe to read Legislative and PAF Committee

In August 2016, a grievance was filed on behalf of the Local regarding a made-up policy at one of our Call Centers. This policy used metrics to issue discipline for attendance, instead of each absence being looked at on an individual basis. This false rule, caused our members to be treated disparingly from everyone else within the company. I am pleased to announce that we received notification, that WE WON this grievance. The Company can no longer treat our members at this location different from anyone else.

Attached is the Selection Activity Report

Please see the attached Selection Activity/Job Ad Reports for May 2018

Please see the attached list of Upfront SIPP Takers Alabama


Please see the attached list of WT's who have voluntarily surplused out of Florida