Please see most current selection activity report

Please see attached regarding the DTV discounts for active employees and retirees

Please see attached regarding a grievance filed regarding the Company contracting out buried service wire, while refusing to offer resident unlimited overtime

Please see the updated Attendance Policy

In early 2016, the Company began denying payment in lieu of unused vacation to employees who were processed for a Permanent Medical Restriction under Article 8.05. Article 5.09A3 provides that, “If an employee is laid off before his/her vacation is completed, payment in lieu of unused vacation as if he/she had worked the entire calendar year shall be made to the employee”. As such, the District 3 Office filed an Executive Level Grievance and prepared for arbitration. Prior to the scheduled arbitration hearing, the Company agreed to the attached settlement which is detailed below:

During a conference call earlier this month, Local Presidents requested that the Company provide their eligibility requirements for Core Employees to satisfactorily meet performance and attendance requirements in order to bump a Wire Technician, per the 2012 MOA.The Company has advised the following:

"Due to a system error, some participants over contributed to the BSSP between 2010 and 2016.  The BSSP plan states that employee before-tax and/or after-tax contributions have a limit where employees cannot contribute more than 70% of their eligible compensation.  Most of these over contributions were as a result of retro activity such as a change in disability status. 

The District Office has received several questions from members and retirees concerning the DirecTV discounts available to them. To assist Locals in discussion with members and retirees on this issue, I have listed the details of both the active employee and the retiree discount plans below. Additionally, members and/or retirees may utilize this self-service link to apply for DirecTV service and discounts: