AT&T 4th Quarter Surplus

AT&T Announced a 4th Quarter Surplus today, while we don't want to see anymore job losses in this tough economy, thank goodness it was only 46, and hopefully they will find themselves a home in the company without having to re-locate.

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AT&T SE Surplus and other matters

There was a total surplus of 182 positions today. Saw a couple of center closings, not many technicians, but did see some wholesale and customer groups affected. The surplus list is attached to this posting.

In other matters; We didn't get the ten members to show up to the June meeting, but we did have 6 on the floor, so to me the offer still stands, get ten members on the floor for Local 3905 in July, and in August, pizza will be at Local 3905. We had budget coverage at our last meeting and things are looking much better, come to a meeting and find out how much better! Remember Local Elections are coming up this Fall, do you know who is running, who is leaving and/or do you want to support your local? Regardless of the support at State, District and National levels, the local needs your support now more than ever. Jobs are being cut back, the crazy measuring tools keep getting more strict and not very dynamic to suit the needs of the business and not count for humans doing complex work to make the company a winning success. Regardless whether you like ESM or just "don't care", everyone needs to pay attention and participate to help solve the issues that exist with the way provisioning and troubles are measured. Working an order can have roadblocks, but troubles are a different ball game at least half the time. Yes, we have great tools, but rarely does this ever "wash-out" in the measurement world for troubles. Are you struggling with ESM and other work issues, come down to the meeting to discuss them. ESM is a hot topic almost anytime we speak with each other now-a-days.

What type of roadblocks do you run into frequently that keep you from doing your job effectively? yes, effectively vs

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