3rd Quarter Surplus

District 3 was notified by Labor Relations this morning that changes were being made to the 3rd quarter surplus.

TFS has canceled the remainder of the 3rd quarter surplus of STs and FTs, meaning anyone in those titles who was going off payroll is no longer surplus and will not be leaving the payroll.  Employees who have already been granted options and SIPP ready takers will not be affected, the Company considers those options to be in effect. The reason given for canceling the remainder of the surplus is the volume of ST and FT work in TFS has increased.   

C&E has moved the off payroll date for the 3rd quarter surplus to November 23, 2019. The date was moved as a result of delaying the Master Ranking Sheet deadline for all surplus employees to August 23. The reason provided for continuing on with the C&E surplus was the capital budget was not increased. Surplussed C&E employees will receive another surplus coverage meeting which will require new bump lists. The Company will include 4th quarter SIPP ready takers as options for surplus employees.