AT&T Southeast / BST – COVID-19 Technician Policy Changes

The District 3 Office and CWA’s International Executive Board are committed to doing all that
we can to protect the health and safety of our membership. Over the last few weeks we have
consistently sent the message to AT&T that steps should be taken to temporarily eliminate the
requirement for technicians, to enter customer’s homes. As a result of our discussions at both the
District and National level, AT&T has finally agreed to begin taking certain steps towards
addressing this important issue. Today, we received the information listed below from AT&T
Southeast Labor Relations. Please note – “The decision to enter or not enter a customer’s
home or business ultimately resides with you, the technician.”
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
During the past few weeks, we’ve received hundreds of emails from grateful customers who,
because of you, have a lifeline from their homes and businesses to the world. When they
describe you, they use words like “courteous,” “professional,” lifesaving,” and “hero.” Our
customers need us more than ever right now – and they are so appreciative. You serve on the
front lines and your safety is always our #1 priority.
Our work isn’t over. They still need us. And they will need us for the foreseeable future, as our
country continues to face a tremendous challenge. The key to keeping yourself and our
customers safe is by following our established practices. Continue asking pre-screening
questions before entering a customer’s home or business, maintain appropriate social
distancing and practice frequent handwashing.
If you are unsure of any processes, if you don’t have the proper handwashing supplies, or if
you believe that a situation is unsafe – please, speak up. The decision to enter or not enter a
customer’s home or business ultimately resides with you, the technician. Based upon observed
concerns, technicians who believe that it is not safe to enter should contact their manager.
Your manager is committed to supporting you.

As CDC guidance evolves, we’ll follow it. Recently, they released new guidance on voluntary
use of non-medical grade cloth face coverings in situations where social distancing is difficult
to maintain. While this updated guidance does not require us to wear face coverings when
working, you are welcome to wear your own. We’re working with our partners to secure
additional company-provided face coverings for our front-line teams. Please review the CDC
guidelines for the use and care of cloth face coverings. We also understand the CDC’s
guidance may prompt an increase in customer requests for technicians to wear a face
covering. Let’s live the CODE by caring for our customers and honoring their request. If you
need help obtaining a face covering, please contact your manager.
The work that you do is more than important – it’s essential. Our customers describe you as
heroes for a reason. You bring them security and peace during a difficult time. We are
committed to keeping you safe as you continue to show up for our communities and our