AT&T Southeast/BST – COVID-19 Daily Screening Policy

Many Locals have across the District have asked questions regarding the company’s Daily COVID-19 Screening. One of the major questions that we have received is: “What if a member has allergies or a migraine headache?” In an effort to address this question, I have attached the company’s Daily Covid-19 Screening Policy.

Please review this document and make note of the following section on the second page:

I have symptoms listed in the assessment that I know are not related to COVID-19 but instead are due to a pre-existing health condition like allergies, asthma, migraines, or other conditions. How do I get into work?

The Company is deploying the Assessment to help protect the workplace by screening out employees who may have COVID-19. You must answer the Assessment questions truthfully if you experience any new or unexplained symptom of COVID-19. However, the Assessment is not intended to prevent employees with allergies, common colds, or pre-existing conditions unrelated to COVID-19 from reporting to work. If you have continuing symptoms due to a known condition such as allergies for which you have sought treatment from a medical provider, you may enter the workplace.

Hopefully, this information can be utilized to address any confusion surrounding the daily screening, as it relates to known pre-existing conditions such as allergies and migraine headaches. In the event a supervisor attempts to deny one of our members the opportunity to work, based upon the results of the daily pre-screening, which relates to a known pre-existing condition, please share this document with the supervisor and ensure that they understand that their actions violate official company policy.

If the issue is not resolved, a grievance should be filed locally, and the Local President should confer with the respective Staff Representative.

PDF icon national_workplace_screening_policy_faqs_eff._7.29.2020._revised.pdf