BST/SE AT&T Wifi Mapping

The District 3 Office has been engaged in ongoing discussions with the company concerning
the health and safety of our members and how this currently does relates to the work
inside a customer’s premise. The District 3 Office requested that the company discontinue
or suspend the requirement for our members to perform wi-fi mapping, until such time
that the Coronavirus is no longer a major concern for the health and safety of our members.
Ultimately, the company would not agree to our request. During the discussions between
the company and the District 3 Office concerning the home dispatch MOA, the company did
however, make the following statement:

During this time period, technicians will not be pressured or disciplined concerning wifi
mapping. When technicians feel that their health and safety is at risk, they should
contact their supervisor, and will be encouraged to utilize the alternate dispatch
strategy. Technicians should inform the customer that they can download the Smart
Home Manager App and then conduct the wi-if mapping themselves. Technicians
should note this in their narrative; example - “I utilized the alternate dispatch strategy.
I explained to customer how they can download the Smart Home Manager App and
perform the wi-fi mapping themselves”.