Bundled Sales and TV Everywhere

We will have a bonus for employees based on the Company’s attainment of two components.  The components are Bundled Sales (total dollars when an existing customer adds another product, including if they move to an unlimited plan) and TV Everywhere (the percent of customers who stream TV service to a mobile device or PC).  The payout will depend upon the attainment of the goals and will be a maximum of $500.

Payout Eligibility:  Regular full-time or part-time bargained employees on the payroll 12/31/16 and pro-rate payout based on time in a bargained position and part-time classification.  Payments are subject to state and local taxes, Federal Income Tax, Social Security Tax, Medicare Tax, and any state disability payments at the time of payment.  Union dues will be deducted at the same rate as they are deducted for wages.  Employees with 401(k) pre-tax elections will not have State or Federal Income Taxes deducted from that portion.  Personal allotments such as United Way contributions will not be made.


The payout for this bonus kicker will be $233.35. The payout to eligible employees will be made in March. The payout applies to Core, Mobility and DTV