CORE Member Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment starts Monday, October 12th through Friday, November 13th.

The tobacco surcharge will be applied again to everyone, whether they are a smoker or nonsmoker, this time it includes SPOUSES who smoke. Everyone will need to actively go in and either identify themselves and spouse as a smoker or nonsmoker. If you are a smoker you will again need to take the Tobacco Cessation course.

Attached is the new rate chart for medical for 2021-2024.

Working Spouse Contribution
2019 New Hires, 2015 New Hires, 2012 New Hires, 2009 New Hires and Current Employees
Spouse/LRP Access to Medical Coverage Additional Medical Contribution:
Participants whose spouse/LRP enrolls in AT&T-sponsored medical coverage (within either self-insured or fully insured programs) but otherwise has access to medical coverage
through their employer, excluding AT&T, will pay an additional monthly contribution toward their cost of coverage. The monthly additional contribution is shown below. The participant must attest that his or her spouse/LRP does not have access to medical coverage
otherwise the additional contribution will be applied.

Additional 2020 monthly contribution - $0
2021 - $100
2022 - $100
2023 - $110
2024 - $115