Paid Lactation Breaks, Accommodations and Resources for Working Mothers

AT&T has expanded paid lactation periods to cover working mothers throughout the U.S., launched a new resource to help families and working mothers understand the resources available to them, and launched an enterprise-wide lactation accommodation process to help supervisors successfully manage and comply with lactation accommodation requests.

AT&T provides a reasonable amount of additional break time to accommodate nursing mothers EACH TIME they need to express breast milk and provides lactation accommodations in compliance with federal, state and local laws. AT&T has now expanded PAID lactation breaks to all employees (exempt and non-exempt) in the U.S. and launched an enterprise-wide lactation accommodation policy.


Paid Lactation Breaks

The break time should, if possible, run concurrently with other paid break time already provided to the employee. Lactation breaks that do not run concurrently with other paid break times and will be paid in all states and Puerto Rico, effective immediately.


Lactation Accommodation Process

The new process ensures compliance with AT&T policy and all federal, state and local lactation laws; it also replaces the California-specific policy and process launched on Jan. 1, 2020.


The enterprise-wide Lactation Accommodation Process launched March 30, 2020, replacing the California Only policy launched earlier this year.