Surplus Mishandling

As we all know, there have been numerous issues with the manner in which the company has attempted to process the current surplus. The company attempted to schedule multiple conference calls, at the same time, with members from the same Local, which would have prevented our Local Presidents and Local Partnership Representatives from being on the calls with all of their members who are being impacted. Additionally, the company attempted to hold surplus conference calls, in some cases, with more than fifty (50) of our members at the same time and then limit the time period for questions to only fifteen (15) minutes.

Obviously, the District 3 Office objected to the company’s actions and over the last two weeks we have been working to address the issues. We were able to reach a resolution on some of these issues, as follows:
 Separate surplus coverage meetings or conference calls, with members from the same Local, will not be scheduled at the same time
 Members who have questions about the surplus process will not be limited to a certain amount of time during the coverage meeting or conference call
 Members will be provided an email address and the phone number to Staffing, where they can have any questions answered, which may arise after the coverage meeting or conference call

As we have continued to discuss these important issues with the company, the District 3 Office has emphasized that through the surplus process our members are experiencing a life-changing event. In some cases, our members are losing their career, or being forced to uproot their family and move across the state. Considering the impact upon our membership, the company must handle surplus coverage with the utmost care. As a result of these discussions, the company has agreed to schedule an additional surplus coverage conference call with impacted members in each state across District 3, “one (1) per state”, with the exception of Florida and Georgia, where due to the amount of impacted members in those states, two (2) conference calls will be scheduled. Participation in these additional conference calls will be voluntary and members who elect to participate will be provided additional time to fill out their master ranking sheets, which will be due on 08/23/2019. This extension may result in a delayed off payroll date.

Contact your Department Rep if you have any questions.