Tell Verizon to Reinstate Martin Hopkins

Martin Hopkins faced years of racist comments from managers and customers at the Verizon Wireless store where he worked in Lancaster, Ohio.

When customers called him racial slurs and refused to be served by him, management would send Martin to the back of the store.

Martin once complained to a manager that it was too hot in the store and was told, “Deal with it. You could be outside breaking rocks.” One manager would call Martin a “thug,” and said, “I would be afraid to run into Martin in a dark alley.”

Martin was good at his job. But despite stellar performance reviews, he was fired in June. During the six years he worked at the store, he had never been on any form of discipline and had not had any customer complaints.

Verizon Wireless must be held accountable and prevent this abuse from happening to other employees. Add your name to the petition to demand Martin be reinstated and demand Verizon Wireless implement in-person anti-racism training across the entire company.

As working people we have to stand up together and directly confront racism in our workplaces and communities. When the working class allows itself to be divided it makes us weaker. We must fight for racial and economic justice for all.

This conduct by Verizon Wireless management is appalling. The company must stop making excuses and take serious action to remedy the injustice done to Martin and make sure it never happens again.

I hope you’ll add your name to the petition: