Utility Operations - Unlimited Overtime - 2019 Bargaining

BellSouth Telecommunications, LLC (“BST”) and The Communications Workers of America (“CWA”) agree to
resolve their dispute with regard to new contract language which defines Unlimited Overtime in the Utility
Operations Collective Bargaining Agreement.
In settlement of the dispute:

Regarding our discussions surrounding the implementation of the new language defining Unlimited Overtime in the Utility Operations contact, we have put together this agreement to memorialize our understanding. While the Company intended that this limitation would apply to all paid time, we do understand, based upon our discussions following bargaining, that the Union’s bargaining team asserts that they believed this did not include drive time from the job site(s) to the work center at the end of the day.

The new language in the 2019 contract states:

“Unlimited overtime will be offered within the normal safety guidelines and customer service
considerations. Generally, an acceptable period for overtime is considered to be on the quarter hour
nearest sunrise and sunset as reported by the National Weather Service for the reporting location.”
To resolve their apparent misunderstanding, the Company and Union agree that “Unlimited Overtime” (as it pertains to the language above) generally concerns work performed at a customer location, at or before the quarter hour nearest sunset. Once completing that job, the Utility Operations employee will return to the work center, and the Company will have satisfied its obligation to provide unlimited overtime for that day.

It remains the Company’s expectation, as discussed and agreed to in bargaining, that Utility Operations
employee will not begin a job that they believe cannot be completed prior to the quarter hour preceding
sunset. If the employee believes the job(s) that are available cannot be completed at or before the quarter
hour nearest sunset, that employee will immediately return to the work center, and the Company will have
satisfied its obligation to provide unlimited overtime for that day.

Consistent with the parties’ discussions during bargaining, Utility Operations employees will not be
dispatching in the morning before their scheduled start time. The Company does not intend to dispatch
employees in the Utility Operations contract prior to their scheduled start time unless there are extenuating circumstances where the manager has deemed the dispatch necessary.

Insofar as practicable, the Company may assign work in a manner that, to the extent possible and within
contractual obligations, limits the frequency and duration of Utility Operations vehicles being on the road
following sunset. The department may dispatch employees to ensure the last job of the day is as close to thework center as possible to limit the driving distance and drive time that occurs after sunset.