The District 3 Office has been engaged in ongoing discussions with the company concerning
the health and safety of our members and how this currently does relates to the work
inside a customer’s premise. The District 3 Office requested that the company discontinue
or suspend the requirement for our members to perform wi-fi mapping, until such time
that the Coronavirus is no longer a major concern for the health and safety of our members.
Ultimately, the company would not agree to our request. During the discussions between

BellSouth Telecommunications, LLC (“BST” or “The Company”) and Communications Workers of America (“CWA”) agree to resolve their dispute over uniform compliance as it is enforced under Section 4.15, Work Apparel, of the Network Addendum U-verse Field Operations (UFO), Appendix C Part XVII - Uniform Program, of the BST Working Agreement, Appendix B Uniform Program in the Utility Operations Working Agreement and any other corporate guidelines that speak to or regulate the wearing, modifying or use of uniforms as they may apply to uniform program participants in the Southeast region.

**Core - Wire Techs - Utilities**

The mid-year open enrollment will start on April 13, 2020 and ending on April 24, 2020.  The changes will take effect on June 1, 2020.

To: All AT&T Corporate, AT&T Communications and AT&T Latin America employees based in the U.S. 

What we do is critical to the infrastructure of life. When people need us most, we show up. That’s what we do. It’s who we are. It’s how we demonstrate one of our values – “Be There” – in action. 

Keeping ourselves healthy is the first step to helping our customers stay connected. 

There will be NO SURPLUS in the second quarter!!


All AT&T CWA Southeast BST Core and BBI Employees, and their Supervisors


Many Locals have reached out to the District 3 Office with questions regarding AT&T
Southeast’s plans for addressing employee absences, quarantines, and other issues related
to the Coronavirus. Below, I have listed some of the information that we have received the
company concerning the impact or the potential impact to our membership. One important
thing to note, is that our members in Utility Operations have no contractual limit to the
amount of paid time off work due to being quarantined. Should you have any questions or

Due to elections and the District meeting, the March meeting has been moved to march 17th!!