Attached is the T/A coverage we just had via conference call. The local will be traveling to Atlanta next Friday for a more detailed coverage. We were asked to send any questions we have to the district via email ASAP so they can create a Q&A document.  Please send all questions to Bethany Sanders @ [email protected] 
You can also feel free to contact any of the leaders with questions that me might could answer for you.

Informational Picket Do's and Dont's:

No "Unfair Labor Practice" signs and No "AT&T Unfair" signs can be used.

Only signs that were used prior to the ULP strike may be used. All signs that were used during the ULP strike should be either discarded or stored. They CANNOT be used on an informational picket line.

You can make your own signs, however, they cannot mention strike, or unfair labor practices.

There should be NO mention of unfair labor practices or AT&T is "unfair" comments, to the media or the public.

On behalf of the CWA Local 3905 Leaders...
Our Local, along with so many others across the nine states in our district came to a pivotal point in our time as a union. We had a choice to either settle, or fight for what was right. 20,000 Plus people chose to unite as one, and stand side by side in a sea of solidarity that the Company has not seen in THIRTY-SIX years.

When returning to work, everyone needs to wait and walk in together at 12 noon, to show solidarity!! 


As soon as you get back to your company vehicles, please make sure you do a tool inventory and a truck inspection. Since management and scabs were driving your vehicles, you want to make no tools were misplaced, stolen, and make sure your trucks/vans were not wrecked. If you find anything, please contact the Local ASAP!!

CWA has notified AT&T management that we are ending the unfair labor practice strike and have agreed to return to work. The strike is over, effective immediately. Bargaining unit employees at AT&T Southeast, Utility Operations, and AT&T Billing are expected to return to work at 1:00 P.M. ET/12:00 P.M CT today, Wednesday August 28. Even if in the middle of their tour, employees should return to work at 1:00 P.M. ET/12:00 P.M. CT today.

Please forgive me if I forget anyone

CWA Local 3905 would like to send out a sincere thank you to all families within the Local affected by this ULP strike. Thank you to all friends, union brothers/sisters, community leaders, and everyone that just stopped at various picket sites to either say "thank you for being activist", showing support and backing our fight, dropping off drinks, snacks, and lunch at various locations.