As of 8/23/2019 11:01 pm, 20,000 plus CWA members walked off of their jobs at AT&T on an Unfair Labor Practice strike. CWA has been in negotiations for two months, only to realize the negotiators AT&T sent, had no authority to bargain and make real decisions!! Our members are prepared to stay out until AT&T decides to get serious, and bargain in good faith!!

**URGENT - This applies to all affected by the Surplus** "We are coordinating an additional Q&A session to address ANY and ALL outstanding questions from previous surplus calls. The call will be on Monday, August 19th @ 9am CST (10am EST). The WebEx link is below."

As we all know, there have been numerous issues with the manner in which the company has attempted to process the current surplus. The company attempted to schedule multiple conference calls, at the same time, with members from the same Local, which would have prevented our Local Presidents and Local Partnership Representatives from being on the calls with all of their members who are being impacted.

District 3 received the following notification from the Company in response to our latest request for an update regarding the status of the uniform vendor transition. Upon reminding the Company they had missed two deadlines for turning up the new ordering process, and telling them it is unacceptable, we were advised the old vendor was responsible for the delays.

The contracts, which cover over 22,000 members at AT&T Southeast, Utility Operations, & AT&T Southeast Billing have expired, with many critical issues including; job security, wages, healthcare, and others yet to be resolved.  Our bargaining team has made significant progress on several issues that are important to our membership and we believe that reaching an overall tentative agreement is possible. 


Martin Hopkins faced years of racist comments from managers and customers at the Verizon Wireless store where he worked in Lancaster, Ohio.

When customers called him racial slurs and refused to be served by him, management would send Martin to the back of the store.

Martin once complained to a manager that it was too hot in the store and was told, “Deal with it. You could be outside breaking rocks.” One manager would call Martin a “thug,” and said, “I would be afraid to run into Martin in a dark alley.”