“One of the arguments in favor of organized labor is that they advocate for broad social change even on issues that don’t directly affect union members. (For example, national healthcare and high minimum wages.

Now through 11/30, we will be collecting slightly used sleeping bags and blankets for our homeless community, in addition to new socks. Please see attached flyer!!

Please fill out our survey by November 30, 2017. This information will help the T&T office understand who needs training or assistance.

·         The additional pay outs will not be on their check.  It will be on the rewards card

·         The amount(s) will not be ‘grossed-up’.  Taxes will be deducted from their paycheck

·         I’m verifying, but the payout is one lump sum paid in January not monthly

Dear CWA members,

Please take a survey to help CWA learn about the causes of stress for call center members, and what we can do to improve job quality. CWA is partnering with Cornell University Professor Virginia Doellgast to conduct this scientific survey.

The recent election results are in.

Bryant Stone will be the Mobility Representative

Chris Johnson will be the WireTech Representative