Mid-year enrollment for Core/WT/Utilities will be 4/13 - 4/24, with an effective date of June 1. 

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Why Virtual Visits?

Victory!!  9-1-1 Bill To Restore the public’s safety and Collective Bargaining Rights was signed into law by the Governor of Puerto Rico

April 6, 2020

After two intensive years of lobbying and solidarity from members of CWA Local 3010, the Governor of Puerto Rico has signed bipartisan legislation to protect the public's 9-1-1 funds and restore collective bargaining rights for CWA members which have been suspended since 2017. 

The District 3 Office and CWA’s International Executive Board are committed to doing all that
we can to protect the health and safety of our membership. Over the last few weeks we have
consistently sent the message to AT&T that steps should be taken to temporarily eliminate the
requirement for technicians, to enter customer’s homes. As a result of our discussions at both the
District and National level, AT&T has finally agreed to begin taking certain steps towards
addressing this important issue. Today, we received the information listed below from AT&T

In regards to the Corona virus, the CDC has changed the age of those most susceptible from 60+ to 65+. Because of this, AT&T has update their leave to reflect the same age.
If you are out on leave for the sole reason of being 60+ and are not 65 or older, your leave will end on March 27th, and you will be expected to return to work.

Please see settlement regarding WT Schedules

The District 3 Office has been engaged in ongoing discussions with the company concerning
the health and safety of our members and how this currently does relates to the work
inside a customer’s premise. The District 3 Office requested that the company discontinue
or suspend the requirement for our members to perform wi-fi mapping, until such time
that the Coronavirus is no longer a major concern for the health and safety of our members.
Ultimately, the company would not agree to our request. During the discussions between