After nearly two months of bargaining, AT&T has failed to offer us the contract that our members deserve. In the midst of making record profits and raising dividends for stockholders, AT&T has once again come to the bargaining table asking their employees to make concessions. We have made it clear to AT&T that there will be no give backs in this round of negotiations.

Our bargaining team has made significant progress this week, reaching tentative agreements on several issues. Our District Vice-President, Richard Honeycutt in consultation with our bargaining team, has elected to extend the current contract for one week. We have important issues left on the bargaining table but due to the diligence of our bargaining team, we feel that it may be possible to reach an agreement this week.

This contract extension gives AT&T one week to get serious and put an offer on the table that will improve the standard of living for our members. This also gives our members one week to prepare for what may have to happen if AT&T chooses not to do so. 

Over the next week, we will continue working under the terms and conditions of our expired collective bargaining agreement. All wages, benefits, and working conditions remain the same. Our bargaining team will continue to work aggressively towards reaching an agreement and we will update you with the latest developments at the bargaining table. 

Please remember, CWA’s greatest strength is you! Make sure to let AT&T know that!


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