Almost one week after expiration of the contract extension, negotiations seem to be stalling. During nearly two months of bargaining, your bargaining team has attempted to negotiate with the company on many of their proposals, as retrogressive as they may be. Unfortunately, the company has continued its attempt to devalue almost all of the Union's proposals. The parties have reached agreement on some items related to the processing of surplus employees. However, your bargaining team is determined to reach an overall agreement that builds on existing job protections and keeps our members employed, not just streamlining the process for employees to be laid off. As Vice President Honeycutt explained to the company at the opening of negotiations, our members deserve respect, recognition, and loyalty. The company continues to negotiate with a view of our members as a liability. Your solidarity activities across the District today sent a str ong message to the company that the remaining issues are important to our members, and an overall agreement cannot be reached without addressing those issues. District 3 leadership clearly reiterated that same message to the company's leadership today. A silent storm is brewing across District 3. The company is on notice that we are prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve an agreement our members deserve - and demand!


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