For almost two months we have attempted to negotiate with the company. We have entertained numerous company proposals with great trepidation. In good faith, we expected the company to bargain with us over our proposals. But, unlike recent rounds of bargaining, the company refuses to give any genuine consideration to our demands. The company expects us to make recessions on job security, seniority, and benefits, while offering us modifications of our proposals that do not address our concerns.  
Time after time, we have made movement towards the company on issues they brought to the bargaining table, in hopes that the company would respond by making movement to address our issues.  Unfortunately, in response to nearly ever issue that our members have raised up to the team, AT&T responds by stating “The company has no interest”.  
We know what our members expect and deserve out of a new contract.  We have stressed the importance of the issues that our members have prioritized.  Our District Vice-President has met with the company’s leadership on several occasions, in an attempt to convince the company to move forward with negotiations.  Ultimately, these meeting brought to light that AT&T’s representatives in District 3, do not have the authority to address our issues.  
As a result of the company's bargaining team and their leadership, being unwilling or unable to bargain toward an agreement, negotiations have stalled. We stand unified with you and have made that clear to the company. We will continue to fight for what our members deserve.  We have requested the company send someone to the bargaining table who has the authority to reach an agreement with us.  
Your 2019 BST, Billing, & Utility Operations Bargaining Teams,
Keith Patterson - Alabama
Johnny Hernandez - Florida
Caleb East - Georgia
Matt Embry - Kentucky
Al Guillory - Louisiana
Bonnie Hester - Mississippi
Curtis Shew - North Carolina
Jason Kelley - South Carolina
Ricky King - Tennessee
Steve Monk - Billing
Bubba Shewalter - Utility Operations


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