Please see the attached ratification notice. 

The remaining voting locations are as follows:

Wednesday: Diamond Dr

Thursday: Greenbriar & Mastin Lake

Friday: Clinton Ave

If you have not had an opportunity to vote, and are not at the three locations listed above, notify Frank Clark (256) 278-1377 asap

There will also be an opportunity to vote 7 am - 7:15 pm on Monday 9/30 , voting will start at 7:30 p.m. for anyone who wants to watch the count. 

Members across District 3 have submitted several questions to their Locals regarding the tentative agreements for the BST and Utility Operations bargaining units.  In an effort to ensure that members questions are answered, we have attached two (2) different documents listing the answers to the questions that were submitted. 

Questions and Answers #1

Questions and Answers #2

Attached are the answers given to questions emailed, regarding the TA