Members across District 3 have submitted several questions to their Locals regarding the tentative agreements for the BST and Utility Operations bargaining units.  In an effort to ensure that members questions are answered, we have attached two (2) different documents listing the answers to the questions that were submitted. 

Questions and Answers #1

Questions and Answers #2

Attached are the answers given to questions emailed, regarding the TA

The ratification date for the BST & Utility Operations tentative agreements is Tuesday, 10/01/2019. Each Local across District 3 will be conducting their own ratification vote and will report their Local results to the District 3 Office. The District 3 Office will announce the final results on Tuesday, 10/01/2019 by 5:00P.M. Eastern.

We have attached several documents for information purposes only. These documents include every single part of the tentative agreements that were made at the bargaining table. The attached documents are as follows:

Voting on the contract will be coming up soon. The Local is currently working to setup a day and time. Once there are further details, all members will be notified.
**3rd Quarter Surplus Update** TFS Surplus is cancelled for all technicians. Construction and clerical is delayed until November 23, 2019.
The September meeting is this evening starting at 6:30 p.m. There will be a few details of the TA available, and if you have questions that you are not able to submit by email, can be noted at the meeting. Hamburgers will be cooked on the grill.
Attached is the T/A coverage we just had via conference call. The local will be traveling to Atlanta next Friday for a more detailed coverage. We were asked to send any questions we have to the district via email ASAP so they can create a Q&A document.  Please send all questions to Bethany Sanders @ [email protected] 
You can also feel free to contact any of the leaders with questions that me might could answer for you.