Below you will find the May 2019 Selection Activity Report and the Job Ad Report

On Thursday 06/20/2019 at 7:00 P.M. Eastern / 6:00 P.M. Central, the CWA District 3 Office will be hosting a town hall conference call with CWA members across District 3 to provide an update on contract negotiations with AT&T and our mobilization efforts across the District. We will also be taking questions directly from CWA members. Below I have listed the dial in number.  I have also listed the agenda below:

Participant Number     877-874-0696   "There is no pin number"

CWAers are mobilizing to protect call center jobs from offshoring! Here are the new updates on CWA members' hard work to pass state legislation to keep these jobs in our communities:


UFCW battles Kroger in contract negotiations as the company tries to force some workers to accept unaffordable health care changes, and cut most workers out from healthcare all together.

Volkswagen Workers Face Challenges                                                              

Town Hall conference open to members regarding Core contract. There is a link below to pre-register, and list any questions you'd like them to address.
CWA working to save call center jobs in Alabama. If you have friends that work in call centers, that are not union....this is what they need to see. This is our Union working to benefit EVERYONE!!