Committee Members Wanted

Want to be more active within our local? Have a specific area of interest? A committee maybe the answer for you!!
We are now accepting applications for all committees! See below for the list of our committees and find your niche today! Many hands make light work!!
1. By-Laws Committee - The By- Laws Committee is responsible for researching any
changes made by the Eboard to the Local’s By-Laws, for recommendation of approval to
the membership.
2. Educational Committee - The Educational Committee shall assist in developing the
Local’s education programs and with the Local Officers, be responsible for effectuating
the Union’s and the Local’s educational programs
3. Election Committee - The Election Committee shall conduct all nominations and
elections and referenda of this Local. It will be the responsibility of this committee to
have a copy of and be thoroughly knowledgeable of the current N.L.R.B. Laws and the
CWA Constitution at least thirty (30) days prior to the counting of the ballots of any
4. Legislative and PAF Committee - The Legislative and COPE Committee shall assist in
developing and pursuing the program of the Union and the Local in the legislative field.
This Committee is responsible for fund-raising and the allocation of monies collected.
The Local will not reimburse any member (of the Committee or of the Local) for salary
to attend party functions and is only obligated for one-third (1/3) of any expenses
incurred to attend party functions.
5. Membership & Organizing/Mobilizing Committee - The Membership and
Organizing/Mobilizing Committee shall assist, accept or reject membership applications
in accordance with the By-Laws and Rules of this Local and the Constitution and Policies
of the Union. The committee will also, assist the Local Officers and members in
mobilizing all non-union/union employees within the Local's jurisdiction. The
committee will also maintain an active organizing program and budget monies to
support the Local’s efforts, as well as assisting the Union in reaching a goal of 10% of
resources to be spent on growth.
6. Public Relations & Community Service Committee - The Public Relations & Community
Service Committee shall be responsible for publizing the Local’s activities and assist in
developing all community service programs.
7. Safety Committee - The Safety Committee’s objective shall be to inform, educate and
research problems on health and safety for Local 3905.
8. Women’s/Human Rights, & Equity Committee – The purpose of the Women’s/Human
Rights & Equity Committee is to set up a line of communicating among our Local
concerning women’s & equity issues.
9. Finance Committee shall review annual budget approved by e-board and present
recommendations to membership at membership meeting. The Finance committee will
also audit financial records with budget every beginning, mid, and end of fiscal year.