During a conference call earlier this month, Local Presidents requested that the Company provide their eligibility requirements for Core Employees to satisfactorily meet performance and attendance requirements in order to bump a Wire Technician, per the 2012 MOA.The Company has advised the following:

"Due to a system error, some participants over contributed to the BSSP between 2010 and 2016.  The BSSP plan states that employee before-tax and/or after-tax contributions have a limit where employees cannot contribute more than 70% of their eligible compensation.  Most of these over contributions were as a result of retro activity such as a change in disability status. 

The District Office has received several questions from members and retirees concerning the DirecTV discounts available to them. To assist Locals in discussion with members and retirees on this issue, I have listed the details of both the active employee and the retiree discount plans below. Additionally, members and/or retirees may utilize this self-service link to apply for DirecTV service and discounts:

During the 2017 CWA District 3 Meeting, we discussed the Company’s unilateral change in scheduling practices for Core Technicians within the TFS Department. Currently the District 3 Office has a pending board charge with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), as it is our belief that the Company’s actions constitute a unilateral change in past practice without notifying the Union or giving the Union an opportunity to bargain.

"DeWight Jackson, Area Manager in Utility Operations has advised he will be utilizing contractors in the following areas in AL due to the summer load.  Machine Operators have been working unlimited and he currently has an opening in Dalraida, AL."


Section 4.02, Four-Ten Schedules, Paragraph 5, of the U-Verse Addendum states: "If the employee wishes to be paid the remaining two (2) hours, the employee may use available vacation, personal days off, or absence time." This language was adopted in 2012 and predates the language agreed to in 2015, Section 4.01, Paragraph 2, which states: "All employees will have the opportunity to work forty (40) hours in a week". As such, the Sections conflict with one another.

**Attention All Members**

In an effort to keep you better informed, we need to make sure we have current contact information for you all. Please email the following information to me, at [email protected]:

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Please see the memo below, in regards to AT&T SE implementing a new proces to eliminate added steps to work orders in C&E across the entire southeast, effective July 1, 2017.